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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Heart Disease

Women suffering from the Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS are nearly twice suffer from the ailment called atherosclerosis than the women without having any syndrome claims the new study. The ailment called Atherosclerosis is often known to boost up the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. The impact is that you come across the common condition that are thought to be basically the gynaecological issue that may predispose a number of women having the heart ailment claims the experts. Women suffering from the POS can end up checking out the menopause for reducing the symptoms, child bearing things and other issues that can go away with the upcoming ovultory cycles, however, this doesn’t really goes in the case.

Coronary heart diseases are regarded as the biggest killer on earth both for the men and women claims the report of American Heart Association. As per the researchers, the POS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that is among the most common causes to issues like infertility along with having multiple risk for diseases like coronary heart diseases, hypertension, obesity and diabetes. Insulin resistance can boost up the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes, while the two research studies claim that the factors can help in giving you seven fold boosts in having the risk of heart attack for women with the POS as compared to the other ailments.

As per the London Study, there is hardly any vital difference in terms of age or in total cholesterol including both the LDL and HDL that fall under the groups. But if you compare the same with women having the normal ovaries then the ladies with the PCOs are known to have much higher blood pressure, insulin levels and higher weight. There are many studies that claim that symptomatic ailments like the above listed one that come along with PCOs. The CHD (coronary heart diseases) can be called as a broad terminology that defines any ailment and its impact over the functioning of heart muscles along with the cardiovascular system. The conditions that bring in issues like high BP, Cardiovascular ailment and other things can be the problem for women.

Reduce risk of heart disease with PCOS

As per the recommendations that come along with heart diseases these can be called as the same thing for reducing the Insulin Resistance that end up reducing the insulin levels, lowering blood and balancing cholesterol and keeping a check over the blood pressure with PCOS and other conditions. This can be carried out via a smart food options, weight loss issues and exercises in terms of both overweight and usual normal weight things. However, with a multifaceted approach one can easily address these symptoms along with the conditions that can be controlled with the realistic exercise programs, support network and nutritional guidance, which help you change unhealthy lifestyle.

When it comes to treatment of POS, the doctors dealing the same often focuses over the management of the same along with the main concerns like infertility, obesity, acne and hirsutism. It can be treated with doing a couple of lifestyle changes. And in the first step, your doctor can recommend the patient to go for the weight loss having low calorie diet that come along with the moderate amount of physical exercises. Even if you go for a modest amount of weight reduction like 5 percent of your total body weight, you end up improving your conditions. The doctor can recommend certain medications that will help the patient in regulating the menstrual cycle along with ovulating on your own and reduce the hair loss and other things. In fact you have certain home remedies as well to control the symptoms of PCOs. These include reducing the weight, remaining physically active and considering certain dietary changes can make the great difference.

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