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Celebrities Who Had Heart Bypass Surgery


Often we expect celebrities to be in better health than us. After all, their wealth means having unlimited access to the physical trainers, best physicians, personal chefs and nutritionists that money can buy. Although this is true, yet celebrities are invincible therefore they too get the same diseases as we do. There are plenty of celebrities who are suffering with coronary heart diseases and have symptoms like chest pain, etc.
Over the years, many celebrities have undergone the heart bypass surgery. Let us see the list of celebrities who had heart bypass surgery.

1)    David Letterman

The 52-Year old Late Show actor had a medical history of high cholesterol and his father died of a heart attack at the age of 57. David knew of the risk for heart disease. In early 2000, his doctor say something iffy during his stress test and schedules for an angiogram. During January 14, 2000 his fear was palpable as he discussed about the procedure which he dreaded. He viewed the films at 8am with his cardiologists who saw severe blockage in his left main artery and called his executive producer to inform that he wouldn’t be reporting for work that day as he was undergoing quintuple bypass surgery. Five weeks post surgery, he was back on the job with his rib cage wired shut and veins from his legs grafted into his coronary arteries.

2)    Regis Philbin

TV host Regis Philbin underwent his first angioplasty back in 1993 to clear out some clogged heart arteries. This experience has scared his and he began with an exercise regimes and paid close attention to his diet. In 2000, her underwent a second angioplasty and in the year 2007 he experience same symptoms as shortness of breath and chest pain. During Live with Regis and Kelly, he told, “Darn it, I don;t want to do it. Nobody wants to do it, I guess. But they (doctors) tell me and I had a second opinion. I did all those tests for heart disease and so they are all in agreement with the bypass. The surgeons unclogged three arterial arteries of Philbin’s and he was back on the job five weeks later.

3)    Rue McClanahan

The 75 year old actress of Golden Girls went in for a routine physical in November 2009 and an irregular EKG led to further tests. These led to the operating room for an emergency bypass surgery. Rue McClanahan, had been scheduled to be the guest of honor at “Golden: A Gala Tribute to Rue McClanahan” at Castro Theatre in San Francisco just a week post her unexpected surgery.  She was forced to beg off stating, “My darlings, I’m just devastated that I’m gonna miss my own tribute. Unfortunately, my doctor has laid down the law and I’m currently having some maintenance on the old ticket.” All seemed well for her until January 2010, when she suffered a minor stroke.

4)    Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton squeezed in a daily jog whenever his schedule allowed while he was the President of the US. He also earned a lot of snarky press when the alert paparazzi shot pictures of him jogging into a McDonald’s and the truths showed he had a weakness for Big Macs. Growing up as a good ol’ Southern boy he gorged on less than healthy meals as a youth. In 2004, he could no longer ignore the chest pain and shortness of breath after a minimal amount of exertion. Medical tests revealed severe blockages in four of his coronary arteries and bypass surgery was performed. All went well until February 2010, when he experienced serious chest pain and received two stents to open up the arteries which had 90% blockages.

5)    James Garner

On the sets The Rockford Files star James Garner was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital for emergency quintuple bypass surgery. Though Garner survived, the Beef Council was forced to rethink its advertising strategy since the actor’s heart blockage reinforced the red meat equals cholesterol in the late 1980s. 


Here was a list of celebrities who had heart bypass surgery. If you experience the symptoms of CHD, you can avail the low cost heart bypasssurgery in India.

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