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Losing a tooth or several teeth due to decay or an accident can have a huge impact on your life. It will not only affect your self-confidence, but your body will also responds to the missing tooth by shifting teeth, jawbone loss and you may even have difficulty to chew or speak. Tooth loss can be quite upsetting at any age particularly if the tooth or teeth in question are right at the front of your mouth. It is quite necessary to replace the missing teeth as soon as possible and most probably you will want to do this anyway.

Nowadays, getting a missing tooth replaced will restore the function of your mouth as well as your confidence. There are many choices for tooth replacement which have increasingly become sophisticated and the modern materials can often help to replace the teeth so that no one will be know about your tooth loss. Do not be afraid to smile anymore, here are the best cosmetic dentistry options for tooth loss.

Dental Implants

The dental implants top the list when it comes to the best cosmetic dentistry options for the tooth loss. The dental implants are extremely sturdy, match the natural teeth perfectly and they are never needed to be replaced. These are anchored into your jaw firmly with a crown fixed onto the end. These implants will fully restore the functionality of your smile and give confidence to smile brightly again. You need to care for dental implants just like the natural teeth and there’s no need for extra maintenance than a crown replacement every few years.

Full or Partial Dentures

You can explore the option of full or partial dentures for the missing teeth. If you are missing a full set of teeth, then full dentures can help to restore the look in an instant! They can be removed and cleaned and the dentist will ensure the best fit so that you don’t feel as if they are moving about in your mouth.

Partial dentures are a great option for fewer missing teeth and it can be anchored securely by the surrounding teeth. Talk with your dentist about the implant supported dentures as well since they are stronger and can make for a beautiful smile.

Dental Veneers

Dental veeners are placed expertly over the natural teeth to fill the gaps which the missing teeth can create. They are made of porcelain which are very strong and strain-resistant. If you have one or more missing teeth, then these are excellent option for you. If you are looking for a more attractive smile then veneers can be easily placed over your teeth as they will hide gaps and match your natural teeth giving you a flawless smile. Take care of the veneers by brushing and flossing as normal and ask for a non-abrasive toothpaste to protect them.

Dental Bridges

It is typically composed of two crowns which are affixed to either side of the missing tooth or teeth in case you have several missing teeth in a row. The crowns support an artificial tooth or teeth which will be anchored in the middle of the crows which will effectively close the gap.
They also are available in a removable option and will be permanently attached to the natural teeth for replacing the missing tooth or teeth in between. It will help to prevent shifting teeth and restoring your ability to chew and speak well.


You will not have to live with missing teeth with the best cosmetic dentistry options. Not everyone is suitable for dental implants, therefore it is necessary to talk with your dentist to look for the best option. The longer you go with the missing teeth, the more time your mouth has to shift the teeth, be permanently affected with the loss and lose jawbone.

Consult your dentists by scheduling an appointment to talk about your options for replacing the missing teeth and find the best ones for you. Your dentist will carry out various diagnostic tests to examine your suitability and most people are able to get the dental implants for tooth loss even if you are slightly older as far as you are healthy.


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